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Who We Are and What We Do;

We are a Germany based hygiene and consultancy firm operating in different countries of the world .We optimize 100% hygiene in all areas of life, without distinguishing the sector.

We project the generators producing Nades 2.0 Biocidal Disinfectant (Sodium Hypochlorite-NaOCl) produced by aquagroup AŞ in Germany to your facility.
Thus, we eliminate possible harmful microbiological risks (including CORONA VIRUS Covid-19, COXSACKİE, LEGIONELA) in all areas of your facility by 100% and establish a disinfection system that can be monitored and controlled continuously.

We approve the 100% efficiency of the system we have established on harmful microorganisms to universities or laboratories authorized by our health ministry and deliver the system to you.

With the Nades 2.0 biocidal disinfectant generator we have designed for your facility, we produce the disinfectant you need in your facility reliably at the most economical costs by using only water and table salt.

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